The micro, small and medium enterprises need to be registered under MSME for enjoying the benefits provided under various Govt. schemes to the industry. For that organisation is required to get Udyam Registration.


Eligible MSME units need to get Udyog Aadhar Memorandum (UAM) or Udyog Aadhar Registration Certificate to claim the benefits as given under law and notified time to time by Government . Once Certificate issued its issued with Lifetime validity . Any changes need to be amended by Udyog Aadhar edit/ Udyog Aadhar Update procedure as notified by Government. Udyog Aadhar amendments such as Name , Address of Firm, Change in Category can be update as per required changes.

Udyam Registration
Udyam Registration Rajasthan

· Aadhaar Number: 12 digits Aadhaar number issued to the applicant.

· Name of Owner: The applicant name as mentioned on the Aadhaar Card issued by UIDAI.

· Social Category: General / Scheduled Caste / Scheduled Tribe / Other Backward Castes (with proof).

· Name of Enterprise: Name of the legal entity to conduct business. One applicant can have more than one enterprises doing business and each one can be registered for a separate Udyog Aadhaar and with the same Aadhaar Number.

·  Type of Organization: Type of Business entity or Legal Entity. (Proprietorship, Partnership Firm, Hindu Undivided Family, Private Limited Company, Co-Operative, Public Limited Company, Self Help Group, LLP, Others)

·  Postal Address: Address of the business including mobile and email address.

·  Date of Commencement: The date on which businesses was started.

·  Previous Registration Details: Details of previous MSME registration, if applicable should be entered here.

·  Bank Details: Details of the bank account of the company including IFSC Code and Bank Account number.

·  Major Activity: Major area of activity of the business – manufacturing or service.

·  NIC Code: The appropriate NIC Code should be entered from the National Industrial Classification (NIC) handbook. To download NIC Code Handbook.

·  The person employed: The total number of people employed in the business.

·  Investment in Plant & Machinery / Equipment: Amount of money invested in terms of machinery and equipment by the business.

·  DIC: Details of the District Industry Center nearest to the business, if required.




Eligible MSME units need to get Udyam Registration earlier Udyog Aadhar Memorandum (UAM) or Udyog Aadhar Registration Certificate  to claim the benefits as given under law and notified time to time by Government . Once Certificate issued its issued with Lifetime validity . Any changes need to be amended by Udyog Aadhar edit/ Udyog Aadhar Update procedure as notified by Government. Udyog Aadhar amendments such as Name , Address of Firm, Change in Category can be update as per required changes.



The NIC codes are prepared by the Central Statistical Organisation (CSO) under the Ministry of Statistics and Program implementation, Government of India.

The National Industrial Classification code is a Statistical Standard for creating and keeping up comparable database as per economic activities. Such groupings are habitually utilized as a part of arranging the monetarily dynamic populace, measurements of modern generation and conveyance, the distinctive fields of work insights and other financial information.This code has been developed with an intent to ascertain and analyse as to how each economic activity is contributing towards national wealth. The likeness of insights accessible from different sources, on various parts of the economy, and convenience of such information for financial analysis, is essential for the institutionalization of an arrangement of characterization.

It Is a Classification system that classifies the business activity that is carried out by a Business Enterprises or organization. These are numeric codes. It is in the form of 2-3 digit code, 4 digit code and 5 digit code. 2 and 3 digit codes represent the Group of Business activity, 4 Digit code represents a class of business activity and 5 digit code represents Sub-Class Of Business activity.

Udyam Registration: The applicant can choose nic code for Udyam Registration from the choices provided to portray the nature of their business. 

Company/ LLP Registration: This code is needed to be filled at the time of the incorporation of a company or an LLP on the Ministry of Corporate Affairs portal.


UdyamRegistration provides various benefits to Registered units

  • Once registered under the MSME, Unit eligible for the government schemes regarding the funding like 
    a) Without Guarantee Loan
    b) Easy Loan
    c) Low Interested Rate Loan.
  • Financial support from the government to participate in the foreign expo.
  • Various government subsidies.
  • Concession in Electricity Bills.
  • Protection against delayed payments .
  • Eligible for Industrial Promotion subsidy.
  • Benefits in low Interest rate or Interest subvention schemes of Government.
  • Exemption from Tender Fees and EMD (Earnest Money Deposit) required to pay while filing Tender as per Tender Conditions.
  • Preference in selection in Government Tenders as per given specifications in Tender documents.
  • Benefits/ Exemptions under Direct and Indirect Tax Laws like Income Tax, GST etc.
  • Faster Resolution of Disputes.
  • Exemption/ subsidy in Government Fees under Trademark and other laws.
  • Exemption/Waiver in Stampy duty and Registration charges as issued by Government time to time.
  • And Many More


CONTACT @ 08696019471

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